Product Description



You don't need to be a Tennis pro to keep fit or to get in shape with the Euro Tennis Trainer.

If at the beginning you want to start with easy training units and afterwards gradually increase the intensity, if you want to prepare yourself for your next tennis game or simply maintain in good shape and stimulate the burning of body fat while you are having fun – the Euro Tennis Trainer is suitable for each and everyone who likes doing exercise.




Tennis strengthens particularly the muscles of arms, back, abdomen and legs. Blood circulation is stimulated and improves indisputably the reaction and coordination abilities. As you control and determine the speed of the game yourself, the training is cardiotonic and notably gently on the joints.





The Euro Tennis Trainer enables a free game of tennis with or without opponent, respectively team-mate. The movements are identical as in the real tennis game, but the ball returns to the player through the fixation.

It is also possible to play two people at the time. In this case the players position themselves side by side and hit the ball taking turns.



Technical Details:

The Euro Tennis Trainer consists of a slip-resistant game recipient of approximately 1,5 kilo (in filled state) which is connected to a tennis ball by means of an over-reinforced rubber cord of 3,5m.

The game recipient comes filled, fully assembled and ready to use. By means of a removable lid on the base it is possible to empty the recipient and simply fill it again with grit where ever you are.

This system makes it possible, to transport the Euro Tennis Trainer light and use it in any other place.


It is suitable for adults, youngsters and Kids from 6 years onwards.
Attention:  Never leave kids under 6 years without supervision, strangulation danger exists!

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